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5 Top Tips For Saving Money On Your Home Utilities

2022/10/08 3 minutes and 15 seconds

Each building in the UK spends an average of $1500 per year on its bills according to the Energy department in the United Kingdom. Have you ever get to calculate yours per year? It is much and you are looking for a way to reduce it right ?

Fatbergs: Dealing With The Growing Threat In Pipes

2022/10/06 3 minutes and 8 seconds

The stories of Fatberg and the havoc it is causing are increasing all over the news in the UK. It is now becoming a thing of utmost concern to every buildings-both residential and commercial in the UK, especially in the city of London


2022/10/04 3 minutes and 18 seconds

Water constitutes the daily living of the home. When we wake up in the morning, we use a lot of water to brush, boil the kettle, shower, wash dishes, and so on before going to work. All of those tasks add up to a significant amount of water used per day.

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